Showcase 2020, stall F39

proud to present to you

my newest glass art pictures and

first contemporary jewellery collection

using dicroitic glass

selection of items for sale on:

www.etsy.com        IrelandGlass

for further questions or orders/commissions

please email elkewesten@hotmail.com

all jewellery and all glass pictures are handmade in Ireland

each piece is unique 

--- a small selection

the full range of jewellery available on the website after Showcase, ready for you to buy.

If you are already interested, please send us an email. We are more than happy to send you more details.

MagiC BOx

3 pairs of selected, handmade  glass-earrings, capturing the magical colours of Ireland

in a handpainted box

- each box unique!

studio elke westen


 by studio elke westen